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The Most Amazing Pink Juice Ever Created

24 Jun

This post is a little off topic for me, since I rarely post about my amazing domestic creations – but the juice I made last night was so incredible, delicious, and gorgeous I just couldn’t help myself. I have to share it with the world. I want everyone to be as delighted with this juice as I am. Life changing. Sheer JOY.

Behold: The Pretty Pink Juice (not just for women)



How did I make this amazing thing you ask? Well, I am totally willing to spill the beans

The Pretty Pink Juice (How To):


1 medium beet (raw, but peeled)

2 large carrots (peeled)

2 celery stalks

1 red apple (any kind will do, except for red delicious. I despise red delicious)

1 handful of red grapes

1 splash of coconut water (stirred in – obvi not through the juicer)

Place all ingredients in the juicer, mix in coconut water, add a couple ice cubes and a cute straw and enjoy!


PS. I do not peel my apples, I just chop em up with the fun little apple slicer

PPS. Did you know you can just throw a top on your mason jar and keep this in the fridge for up to 2 days?? I learned that on Google so if you do that and die please don’t blame me.


I hope this fabulous juice recipe has inspired you to make one and become as happy as I was last night… have fun!

A surprise visit to Toronto, Ontario

24 Oct

This past weekend I was granted the pleasure of surprising one of my friends, Laura Aloise, in Toronto, Ontario (In case you weren’t sure, yes, that’s in Canada). She is currently living there after moving from Florence, Italy where we met!

Little piece of the Toronto skyline

Little piece of the Toronto skyline

Let me do a quick recap of how this all came together. A few weeks ago, Laura’s boyfriend Mikey found me on Facebook and asked me to help him plan a surprise for his beautiful girlfriend. At first, the plan was for him to send Laura down to me in Raleigh so she could have a little getaway, but after some deliberation we decided that it would be nearly impossible to pull that off since she would eventually have to find out where she was going. Example, you can’t just force someone to go through customs at the airport and get on an airplane bound to God knows where with them blindfolded. It just wouldn’t work. So we changed the plan to me flying to Toronto to surprise her! Makes much more sense.

Mikey was suppose to pick me up from the airport, bring me to their apartment, then wait in silence until she arrived totally unsuspecting. But when I landed Mikey surprised me with a giant stretch limo and a driver! Very fancy.


A few hours later Mikey and I were anxiously waiting with glasses of champagne to hear Laura’s footsteps down the hall. Our plan when she opened the door was to jump out and and attack her like female fight club (Bridesmaids anyone?) but we ditched that plan at the last minute for lots of hugs and champagne toasts!

Champagne Toasts!

Champagne Toasts!

When she opened the door and saw me standing there she screamed like a hyena then became utterly confused and said “wait, I don’t understand, how did you get here??” and I responded, “an airplane and a stretch limo brought me!”

Fresh juice at fresh!

Fresh juice at fresh!


We spent the remainder of our weekend basically just stuffing our faces. The food in Toronto is utterly divine. Our favorite restaurant is a vegan/vegetarian place called Fresh that we ate at twice in 2 days. Everything is local, organic, vegan and delicious! Our first trip I had the world’s greatest veggie burger and a fresh juice, (Apple, carrot and coconut water) and the second day I had a vegan breakfast made up of a tofu scramble, toast, baked beans and hash browns. Yummmyyy!!





My second favorite restaurant was an Italian place called Ciao that had amazing Gnocchi! I had it with a fresh tomato sauce instead of the Gorgonzola and I devoured the entire thing in seconds.

After a weekend of lots of eating, drinking, shopping and talking we woke up to Monday morning when I was scheduled to return back to the States. I had such a great weekend with Laura and her wonderful boyfriend Mikey! I can’t believe its been almost a year and a half since she left me in Florence…


As for Toronto, its a beautiful city with amazing restaurants. It reminded me a lot of NYC, which also reminded me that I am definitely not a city person. I love visiting them but I am so happy to be back home in Raleigh, with my car and my fried food! hehehe


Dundas Sqaure, Toronto

Dundas Sqaure, Toronto

Just in case anyone plans on visiting Toronto soon the addresses of my too fav restaurants are below:


Ciao: 133 Yorkville Ave.

Ending note: Canadian money is plastic and un-rippable… how genius is that??

Did you know Canada shares Queen Elizabeth with England?? She loves being on their money!

Did you know Canada shares Queen Elizabeth with England?? She loves being on their money!

Being Vegetarian (and sometimes vegan) in Italy

6 May

This is not exactly relevant to this post but kind of is when you think about it.. I doubt that sandwich is vegetarian! hahaha

After living in Italy for a total of about 8 months (4 months this semester, 4 months two years ago), I have learned that meat and cheese are wonderfully delicious Italian traditions. Since becoming vegetarian two years ago however, I have been deprived of many fabulous Italian specialties. Currently, I am making the transition to a mostly vegan diet (the key word here being mostly, cheese is just too wonderful/important in Italy to pass up on all the time), which means that not only has my indulgence in pizza and wonderfully cheesy Italian pasta dropped dramatically, but also my indulgence in awesome baked goods and desserts (gelato anyone?). After doing some research on typical Italian desserts, I found a simple and delicious recipe for vegan biscotti which may be a fun thing to experiment with on a rainy Sunday like today…

Vegan Mocha-Chocolate Chip Biscotti

Ingredients: (Approx. 56 biscotti)

  • 2 cups barley flour
  • 1 cup whole wheat pastry flour
  • 1 teaspoon baking powder
  • ¼ cup cocoa powder
  • ½ – ¾ cup sugar
  • ½ cup non hydrogenated shortening
  • Flax seed egg replacer for 4 eggs (3/4 c water + ¼ c ground flax seed)
  • 1 ounce bakers chocolate, melted
  • ½ cup strong coffee
  • 1 teaspoon vanilla
  • ½ teaspoon coffee extract
  • 1/3 cup vegan chocolate chips

Preheat oven to 350°F. Combine flours, baking powder, and cocoa powder. Set aside. Blend sugar with shortening. With a hand blender or mixer, add egg replacer, melted chocolate, coffee, vanilla, and coffee extract. Combine wet and dry ingredients, mixing until a stiff dough forms. Gently stir in chocolate chips.

Form into three logs and lay on a parchment-lined baking sheet. Flatten the logs’ tops slightly. Bake for 25 minutes or until lightly browned on the bottom. Remove and let logs cool for half an hour before slicing.

Set oven temperature to 325°F. Cut logs on the slant into 1/2-inch slices. Lay slices flat on a pizza screen and bake for 25 minutes or until cookies seem fairly crisp. Remove from oven and transfer to a cooling rack.

Total calories per serving: 54 – Fat: 3 grams – Carbohydrates: 8 grams – Protein: 1 gram – Sodium: 11 milligrams – Fiber: 1 gram



While the Italians appreciate a nice vegetable (eggplant for example) many of their meals revolve around the goodness of meat. Rabbit, veal, wild boar, beef, stomach lining, brains, pork; you name it, they eat it. As a vegetarian living in Italy I have had to find some creative ways to stick to my normal healthy vegetarian diet (contrary to popular belief it is very easy to become a unhealthy vegetarian). I must admit that my first month or 2 here consisting of below freezing weather and grueling winds allowed me to feed my appetite for heavy, cheesy foods. The many spoonfuls of pasta and double servings of pizza kept my bones warm but they were not doing much to ensure that I had a healthy and balanced caloric intake. To keep myself in check I decided to frequent some amazing vegetarian/vegan shops and cafes which I have listed for you below:

  • Brac Café: Via dei Vagellai, 18 (Has some vegan options and a vegetarian menu – also has awesome brunch on Sundays but make sure to make a reservation!)
  • Dolce Vegan: Via San Gallo, 92 (Sit down place, completely vegan with small market)
  • Panino Tondo: Via Montebello, 56 (Vegan burgers and salads plus free delivery.. winning!)
  • Sugar Blues: Via dei Serragli, 57 (Market)
  • Perche No! Gelateria: Via Tavolini 19r (Soy gelato, obvi)

Soy Cappuccino from Dolce Vegan!

I hope this little post inspired you to try something new (hopefully not the sheep brains)

Happy Sunday, and eat your veggies for Christ’s sake! (or don’t, who am I? Your mama?!)