Raleigh’s Annual Beer Festival as a… vendor?

8 Apr

Every year, our amazing city of Raleigh puts on a world beer festival with dozens of brewers and vendors from North Carolina and beyond, and this year I was invited by the amazing All About Beer magazine to be a vendor at the festival to promote the party bus! Let me start off with the fact that I am really upset I lagged on my picture taking.. I always do that! #annoying 


So, people get so excited about this festival that the tickets sell out every year for BOTH sessions, not to mention that the tickets are 45 bucks a pop! The cool thing about that is that I was able to set up a booth for both sessions (12 -4 and 6 – 10) which let me meet literally hundreds of people in just 12 hours. I knew a 12 hour festival day would be tough so I hired an assistant for the day. When I say hired I obviously mean slave labor begrudgingly given by my wonderful boyfriend.


We started our day off with a healthy mango smoothie that I concocted on a whim.. I am so proud of how amazing this smoothie tasted that I instagrammed a picture of it and I am now reproducing it here:


We were of course running late (Wes needs a lot of time to do his hair), so by the time we got downtown and realized there were roadblocks everywhere and no place to drop off our stuff we got a little stressed, Wes actually dropped me off 8 blocks away with 3 bags of crap and made me walk right through a walk for ALS that was also happening downtown that day – it took him 45 minutes to find parking! Cray.

By the time I found vendor check in I was about an hour late but all the other people seemed to be late too so it ending up working out perfectly. I was escorted to my booth right in the middle of all the North Carolina local brewers and I set up camp! Since we weren’t technically selling anything or giving out beer I knew I had to give out free goodies to get people to come talk to me, so I ordered green bottle opener key chains, (that the company messed up and didn’t replace in time so I had to give them out all crazy looking — see pics ughhh) and brought some of our awesome GT cups and the last of our Capital Ready Mix Coozies – oddly enough the capital coozies were the biggest hit! 


About 2 hours into the first session we were starting to run out of free stuff but we met some awesome people who were really excited about the party bus! By 3:30 came around everyone was starting to get a little drunk and crazy, and we were fresh out of goodies so we packed up and walked to Starbucks to recharge, put our feet up for a bit and go to the bathroom in the Marriott since we were using DISGUSTING porter potties all day.. those things get nasty quick!


I was really excited for session 2 to start because that’s the one all of our friends were going to be at! Learning from session 1 we decided to give out the rest of our goodies early and then when everyone was starting to get drunk, pack up the booth and enjoy the festival ourselves. Around 8:15 we packed up and walked around to all the brewers and tasted some awesome beers! By 9 we were so exhausted that we didn’t even go out for a drink with our friends after (I guess this is what it feels like to be getting old! haha!) so we hit up a food truck before leaving which was basically a food truck dedicated to GRILLED CHEESE AND FRENCH FRIES. Like, really? Heaven. We both got the one with Gouda and pesto mhmmmm. 

All in all, I am so happy we decided to be a vendor for the world beer festival! We met tons of amazing people and really got the word around town that we’re here and ready to party — woo hoo! I must admit though, I feel really cool that I have a business I get to promote! #dreamscomingtrue 




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