The Business, The Bus and The Party

3 Oct

Good Morning and Happy October! I’m still blown away that its already October, before we know it its going to be Thanksgiving, then Christmas and 2014! But before all that happens I wanted to fill everyone in on the new business my dad and I have been working on for the last few months. Its called Grand Touring Transportation and it is basically the coolest party bus you have ever seen. We remodeled an old DWI bus that we bought from the government and completely customized with cool gadgets and luxurious materials. So you can understand what I am talking about when I say completely customized here is the before:


and here is the after:



Crazy, right?! We used an amazing local business here in Raleigh, NC for the transformation called Capital City Customs, they do some awesome work and have pictures on their website of past renovations. 

Some of the bus features include a flat screen TV with satellite, surround sound, screen sharing capabilities, state of the art bathroom, ice maker, microwave and mini fridge…. all packed into one moving bus! INSANE. Did you notice we also have granite counter tops and leather ceilings? Like, really? 

To finish everything off we wrapped the entire thing in a design made by our family friend Michael Cantwell (who is a top notch graphic designer, he also did our website and logo).



Since we were so excited to see this thing finished after months of being worked on, we picked it up and packed it out with supplies for a 2 day party in Rocky Mount last weekend for its maiden voyage! Here he is a sneak pic of the party, more pics will be posted soon…



While this business took a lot of work to set up, I am so happy we are finally rolling! We are officially taking reservations in the Raleigh area which is pretty exciting to say the least… 

Be sure to check out our website that just went live two weeks ago  

I think the best part about this whole thing is that I get to work with my wonderful Dad EVERY SINGLE DAY. In the same office. With desks across from each other. Great things happen when we get together as you can see from the finished product, so thanks Dad for your fantastic entrepreneurial spirit! (that hopefully got passed down)




2 Responses to “The Business, The Bus and The Party”

  1. Jennifer Writings of a Mrs January 9, 2014 at 11:26 pm #

    That’s awesome! How is business so far?

    • Shit Sara Says January 10, 2014 at 2:26 pm #

      Business is good! We have a big party next weekend.. looking forward to seeing it grow 🙂

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