And…. She’s Back

28 Aug

Helloooo again! It’s definitely been a long time since my last post, but let me tell you this, my life has been just hurled upside down then right side up again multiple times in the last few months since my return to the wonderful United States of America. Since I last spoke to you almost a year ago, I have traveled a bit more, moved to Raleigh, then moved to Cary, started working on a new business with my amazing little Dad and so much more!

My time back in the States has truly been an exciting whirlwind of life, love, family and friends. I wanted to write some great posts about the last few trips I have taken that unfortunately didn’t yet make it to the blog. These trips include, canyon jumping in Interlaken, Switzerland, eating amazing food in Hong Kong, working the public transportation system in Thailand and swimming in the most beautiful waters in the world in Turks and Caicos. I also may have a little local fun post coming up that will include write ups about the life of a local in Raleigh, NC (this reminds me of my typical life of a wannabe Italian post I wrote a few months back).


This is me in a teeny tiny boat in Bangkok, Thailand

I am so excited to jump back into my blogging adventure, and I hope ya’ll stay tuned to see whats been happening over here in the life of little old me (don’t I sound like a southerner already??)

But in the mean time, be sure to follow me on to see some of my daily musings and rants… Ta ta for now!


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