A Journey of Faith

29 Sep

Don’t let the title of this post confuse you, I’m not going to pull a 180 and get all religious on you and talk for hours about how I’ve found my path to God. This post has nothing to do with that, when I say faith, I mean having faith in yourself and in the beautiful universe that surrounds us.

This morning, I was sitting at my favorite park in Florence eating a cornetto filled with cream, drinking a cappuccino, and reading an issue of Bon Appetit that had a feature article on Paris. The weather was cloudy but the temperature was perfect with the most beautiful fall breeze. I put down my magazine to look over at the Arno, “what could be more perfect than this?”. I just felt so content in that moment, and realized that I’ve been so content almost the entire 10 months I have been living here. My baking and pastry program has been amazing, and has already taught me so much, I finally got a full-time job starting in January… everything is just falling perfectly into place.

These little guys were watching me read and stealing bites off my cornetto

Last week, I was so stressed about finding a job and a direction in life (career wise that is), I had no idea how to make a decent living for myself. Thinking about having to be financially independent from my wonderful parents in a few short months made me want to break down in tears, pack my bags and just give up and go home. In that moment I thought back on the words that a psychic in North Carolina told me during my latest reading. She said, “Sara, you are more on your path than you think you are”. Re-hearing these words in my head I decided right then to have a little more faith in myself. I’ve been listening to my heart and following everything it tells me, which is that at this time in my life, Europe is my home. Maybe not forever, but right now, no place else could make me feel so incredibly happy. Why would I ever choose to just pack it in and give up now? After finding a place that ignites these feelings in me? Some people search their entire lives to find a city that makes them feel at home, and I truly believe I have found it. Will this feeling last forever? Who knows, but I’ll just have to cross that path when or if I come to it.

My favorite church in Florence, Santa Croce

When I think back on the things I have done in this last year, I am amazed at my own courage. I think, “this can’t actually be me, doing all these things”, at 22 years old I packed my bags and left my entire family to move thousands of miles away to a city where I knew not a SINGLE person, I couldn’t even speak the langauge. Theres something to be said about finding something that ignites such a passion in you that you’re willing to leave the people you love most on this earth to venture into the unknown – without a speck of a plan, just praying that it will all work out. Even though I am not religious, I feel that my faith in myself, in the universe and in the innate goodness of humankind is what enabled me to embark on this journey. Truly a journey of faith. I have no idea what the future has in store for me, but even if everything I have built here goes up in flames and I am forced to move back to the States, I’d still be so incredibly happy and most of all, grateful that I was able to experience this life, if even just for a moment.

My amazing family – Love you guys! This pic is missing one niece who refuses to take pictures

If anyone reading this could learn one thing from what I am trying to articulate, its this: if you have a dream, follow it. Don’t let your fears get the best of you, because the rewards of following your heart are truly amazing.

Love and Light,


The Duomo! I get to bike past this every morning on my way to school


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