Hello USA!

19 Aug

During my 7 months in Europe, there were many things about America that I dreamt about on a daily basis. These things were menial but still near and dear to my heart. Examples:

WholeFoods: Anyone who loves organic veggies as much as I do should understand this without an explanation. Also, their guacamole is pretty hard to live without. And where else can you really find aloe juice? Everything I need is conveniently wrapped in this little eco-friendly box that is WholeFoods.

I’m also diggin’ the size of this refrigerator

Target: I know I am not alone when I say that I sometimes have dreams about walking through the aisles of Target. The disappointing reality however is that when I finally stepped foot in my local Target, it was extremely UNDERWHELMING. As I roamed through this giant store I finally realized.. “Wow, I do not need a SINGLE thing that is in here”! I slowly walked about of the store feeling stunned, and maybe a little defeated.

Stealing my Mama’s car and going for a drive: When I left for Italy I was thrilled at the fact that I would no longer need to spend money to put gas in my tank, or have to wash the damn thing, and ask other people to check the tire pressure for me. Not to mention oil changes, weird lights going off saying something about oil pressure (that I politely ignored to my Dad’s dismay) and all that other nonsense. Not having a car is so freeing! But I was definitely excited to get back behind the wheel, especially in my mom’s convertible. The reality? Traffic, scorching hot sun burning my shoulders, car washes, and a million trips to the gas station. Yuck! I was so bored sitting in traffic I had to entertain myself by taking pictures…

Driving. Yayyy

Watching my DVR on a giant couch: If you’ve ever lived in Europe, you know that most Europeans don’t invest in giant couches or flat screen TV’s. I don’t understand it and I don’t think its funny. Its upsetting. What am I suppose to do on a rainy day when I have nothing to do? Stare at Facebook for 3 hours? If that sounds terrible to you its because IT IS. Come on Europe, get with the program!

Veggin’ out with the pups.. who kind of hate me these days

Pedicures in real pedicure chairs: This is also pretty easy to understand. I want a decent pedicure at a good price while my back is being massaged by little chair robots. Is that too much to ask?

If you ask me, I think thats a pretty understandable list of Ameriables. (Thats a word I just made up that mean things American’s like).

While I am totally enjoying my time in the States, one thing I miss about Italy is the COFFEE. My sister brought me to a new coffee place down the street from my house last week and led me on to believe that it would be the best coffee I’ve ever tasted. One thing she forgot was that I’ve been living in ITALY for 7 months. I took one sip and had to fight the urge to spit it out across the bar. I’ve taken to experimenting with our espresso machine which also turned into some exciting father-daughter bonding time.

Dad, this would be a lot easier if you’d just do it FOR ME.

At last, I was able to enjoy my Italian style cappuccino, while also using my American style lightening fast wireless internet!


Realizing that I am returning to Italy in 9 days for God knows how long, I am truly appreciating this amazing time with my family. Driving in traffic isn’t so bad when you’re rocking out to the Bieb’s with this little booger in the backseat…


Until next time,



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