Belgium, You Cray.

2 Aug

After 7 months of being separated from my LOVELY sister Alison, we finally decided to reunite in the one and only, Amsterdam. I don’t know what it is with my sisters only wanting to meet me in AMS (my other sister and I traveled there together this past March), but my first guess would be that a lifestyle of drugs and various forms of debauchery just appeals to them… this is obviously a good thing and makes me even more proud to share a gene pool with them. Wanting to add a new country to my list, my sister and her friends agreed to scamper around Belgium for a few days, and scamper we did!

Our first stop? Brugge! Two nights here was the perfect amount since besides drinking an inappropriate amount of beer and eating disgusting amounts of chocolate and waffles there is not much to see or do. There is a church there that claims to be in possession of a vile containing a few drops of the blood of Christ but I don’t like to blindly believe religious people about things like that so i’m going to say that i’m still a little suspect about the authenticity of that vile. One notable stop in Brugge is a place called the Beer Wall that served hundreds of different kinds of beer and most are served in really awesome glasses! I decided to try a coconut infused creation only because I was allowed to sip it from a real coconut shell.. yippee!

The real reason why I say Belgium is cray however is because they host music festivals like TOMORROWLAND.

Some of you may be asking, “Well Sara, what the hell is a Tomorrowland”? and this is my response: MADNESS. Just madness. 60,000 crazed DJ and fist pumping fans who drinks lots of beer and, lets just be honest here, probably do lots of drugs. Who could POSSIBLY like techno music without being on a mind altering substance? Very few my loves.. very few. Here’s an example of the craziness I am referring to.. this is a picture I took at 5:30pm:

Too much fist pumping too early in the day


How would you like to bumble around a crowd such as this one?

Things I learned from TomorrowLand:

1. Neon is so hot right now (I think I knew that already but whatever)

2. Some people have weird haircuts:

3. Its totally ok to wear blue plastic ponchos when its raining

We wore these until someone stated, “guys its not even raining anymore”

4. Avicii is cooler than I had originally calculated him to be

5. Fist pumping is not only fun but also a great workout

and lastly, some final tid bits of advice that will be of use to anyone planning a trip to Belgium or The Netherlands, fire is hot, cars are real, and it will all be over in a couple hours (thanks to Eric Cline for his fine words of wisdom that have surely changed my outlook on life).

Until next year TomorrowLand!



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