LondonTown in… July?

11 Jul

So what is the deal with London having terribly shitty weather all year long? I know London is famous for rain and fog and all but seriously? July? No one should ever have to wear BOOTS in July.. the raincoat was bad enough but the boots really upset my system. ANYWAY. That being said, I would still move to London in a heartbeat. The people, the monuments, the lifestyle… I’ll take it.

View from the London Eye

I only had four days in London and this being my second go around there were a lot of sites I decided I was ok with skipping, but having never been to the London Eye this was one of our first stops. The line was cray but the views were awesome! Yes, even in the rain London Town is gorgeous. The whole ride takes about 30 minutes and you get great birds eye views of the city.. not too shabby!

Ash and I reunited after 6 whole weeks

Being in the United Kingdom we of course had to stop by Buckingham Palace and say “hey”…

We found this creative.. probably not so much

We also happened to be walking by exactly as the changing of the guards was happening.. gotta love those royal uniforms!

You keep on marching boys

Ok now on to the good stuff… unfortunately I don’t have any pics of the good stuff because as always when you’re having an amazing time you never think to whip out the good old camera. On the second to last night of my wonderful 4 day vacation, my friend Alexis and I went to the most amazing SOHO hangouts. First stop? A restaurant called La Bodega Negra which is underneath a SEX SHOP. Yeah you read me.. a sex shop. They also have a cafe thats all normal but who would want to go there? You need to make reservations pretty far in advance but it was one of the most amazing Mexican experiences I’ve had in a while… since I don’t have a pic of the place this is us after the place..

After La Bodega Negra

After dinner underneath our sex shop we went to some exclusive club called the ECC (experimental cocktail something). This was also in SOHO right down the street from the W hotel.. I’m not going to lie to you, this place was PRICEY. One drink was a ridiculous 12.5 pounds (the Queen is really breeding some hustlers over there) but that one really expensive drink went down like butter (thats a good thing, butter is always a good thing). Check out how we received our drinks:

Magic Potion? Don’t mind if I do

The ECC as well as La Bodega Negra have sister locations in New York! So if you happen to be in either of those places look em up!

Our last day Alexis and I did one of those giant, red, double decker, open bus tours. It was super touristy and super awesome.. it also included a boat ride down the river

Hey Big Ben!

Did everyone know the Olympics are coming to London? If you didn’t, now you do:

Tower Bridge

So that was our trip and it was glorious! And as you can see from that last pic the sun did come out for a while.. good old London always surprising us.

I leave you with another traveling yogi pic.. this one pure London style:


Write to you soon mates… Cheers!


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