I’m Officially A Yoga Teacher!

28 Jun

Namaste Ponte Vecchio. Namaste.

So here it is. I can finally say it. I’M OFFICIALLY A YOGA TEACHER!

After 6 weeks of practically non-stop practice filled with hours and hours of sweaty classes, soreness in muscles that I didn’t even know existed and yeah, i’ll admit it, a little frustration at the things I couldn’t do, I made it through! and I made it without crying ONCE! My daddy is probably so proud of that last part.

Standing tree in Oureka Valley, Morocco

Here is a small list of the many things I’ve learned during my yoga teacher training journey:

– Patience is the key to any yoga practice. Is it annoying that half the class can gracefully push up into tripod headstand and float through to seated without as much as a flinch? Damn straight its annoying but I know with a lot of patience and yup, A LOT of hard work, I’ll get there. and that day will be glorious.

– That big muscle on the side of your neck is called your sternocleidomastoid. and no, I didn’t google that. Yoga teachers just know this shit. (oh no! Can yoga teachers say shit?)

– Yoga isn’t just a work out but a lifestyle. This is something I truly believe because while yoga has amazing positive effects on the body it also has amazing positive effects on the mind. Its calming and peaceful and I know everyone can use a little more of those two things in their life. Yoga is a community committed to loving and accepting each and every living thing, so I say, “amen to that sista”

While there are many more things I learned this would be a very long blog post if I kept going so i’m going to stop here. Please see another one of my traveling yogi pictures that I’m pretty sure I will continue to take for the rest of my life because they come out awesome! And seeing the reaction on peoples faces when you do yoga in your bathing suit on a cliff in Cinque Terre is just amazing:

Yoga, cliff jumping and swimming… oh my!

(Is it bad that I just got really distracted from writing this blog post because I was online shopping for my first Manduka mat? It NEEDS to be sitting on my doorstep in Raleigh when I get there August 1)

I want to thank everyone at 19r Yoga and Pilates in the beautiful city of Florence, Italy (but especially Melissa and Shari!) for lovingly guiding me through my teacher training. The things I learned from these two amazing women about yoga and life in general has already changed a lot of things about my outlook on life. I can’t wait to continue learning from you and yes, maybe even continue to be a little bit jealous of your killer yoga moves! (I know thats not very yogic of me, but whatever. Cut me some slack!)

May all beings everywhere be free and be happy… Namaste.


One Response to “I’m Officially A Yoga Teacher!”

  1. Jamie-Lee July 1, 2012 at 4:38 pm #

    Congratulations on becoming a yoga teacher!!! I would like to add to your last line there and say, May all cats everywhere be fat and loved…Namaste.

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