2 Yogis and Some Free Time in Florence, Italy

15 Jun

Today, my Yogi friend, Stephanie and I found ourselves with a few unexpected hours of free time. So what do Yogis do in their free time you ask? I’ll show you how we decided to spend the bulk of one beautiful day in good old Firenze.

Our afternoon started off with a light lunch on the steps of the church in Santo Spirito…   This awesome summer salad from the Conad down the block was the perfect start to our afternoon. Anything heavier would have upset our balance and ruined our upcoming practice (we also just had our nutrition class yesterday so scarfing down a wonderfully delicious Gusta pizza would have been just wrong).

Salad! Yummyyy

Because of our nutrition class, I decided to dive headfirst into my health kick… this means a green juice along with my lunch to bulk up on some vitamins before practice.

Spinach, Fennel, Orange… oh my!

Next, we decided to help aid our digestion by walking through some of the farmers stands in Santo Spirito…

More fruits and veggies!

Next up? A mid-afternoon coffee and chat in one of our favorite cafes, Volume. This is a favorite hangout of all the hipster Italians in Florence


After coffee we stopped to re-fill our water bottles (drinking only water is part of our new health kick routine) and headed over to the studio at 19r yoga and pilates to get our vinyasa on:

You go girl!

I finally got to test drive my new “yoga time”playlist, we were listening to a combo of Mumford and Sons, Lana Del Ray, Oasis and even a little bit of Sugarland thrown in just for kicks.

The start of Surya Namaskara A

An hour and a half of self practice later we took some time to catch up on our reading… we’re testing out next week! Now its time to study hard and refuel my muscles with some yogi chai tea

The Yoga Mala AKA The Ashtanga Bible

Ok folks i’m heading out to our second class of the day… so get off your tush and get on your mat Yogis!




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