The Market-y Goodness of La Boqueria: Barcelona, Spain

6 Jun

The Entrance

La Boqueria, Barcelona’s famous food market off of La Rambla, tops the list of most traveler’s itineraries and now I know why. During my first visit to Barcelona, I rushed through the crowds of the market completely uninterested and unfazed by all the succulent treats in my path. Anxious to be free of the crowds and wanting to make my way to Park Guell, I ran through, barely giving a passing glance to the many vendors selling bright, fresh fruits, homemade chocolate truffles, and  almost every type of fried food imaginable. Happy to get a second chance at experiencing La Boqueria, I took my time this time around, slowly walking past each stand to fully take in all that was around me.

La Boqueria, yayy!

My favorite part of the market was definitely the fresh fruit filling the room with the most amazing colors and smells. You get the choice of buying fruit whole, or chopped and packaged with a nice utensil to take with you on the road…

I have no idea what these are but I want to eat them RIGHT NOW

They also sold my favorite thing in the world, SMOOTHIES! In the most amazing variety I have ever seen


Even though I am a vegetarian, I don’t want to be racist so I’ll show you guys a pic of the assortment of fish they sell

Poor little dead fish


For some weird reason I am not a huge fan of sweets (give me a bag of chips and i’ll scarf the whole thing down), Ashley on the other hand is obsessed with chocolate so here is a picture of her favorite part

She’s a happy munchkin right now

I took a pic of this for my Mama because she is completely in love with chocolate covered cherries

No market would be complete without fresh veggies…

I hope veggies don’t have feelings because they taste delicious and I really can’t afford to check off another food product that I can’t eat

Another food product i’m iffy about but that I can’t deny taste delicious..

Eggs merchandised in the coolest way possible

and lastly, my least favorite part, the poor little dead animals

If you couldn’t already tell, I thoroughly enjoyed browsing through La Boqueria.. It will forever be my number 1 stop on every trip to Barcelona. If you are going, don’t miss out!

Love and Light,



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