A Thought From Valencia, Spain

27 May

Sometimes in life, you can get a tinge of sadness or as I like to explain it, “weirdness”, out of no where, for no reason and you are unable to explain even to yourself why you are feeling this way. For example, when I stepped off the train in Valencia I instantly felt weird. Something about this city just wasn’t feeling right for me. We didn’t like eachother, we didn’t mesh. In the cab on the way to the hostel, we passed a crime scene where I got a full view of a dead man lying in the middle of the street, partially covered by a white sheet. There were people standing around taking pictures and pointing. I only got a glimpse but it already made me feel worse, especially after thinking about how people see a dead body as a tourist attraction instead of as the loss of life. Someone’s son or maybe even husband, or father, gone forever.

Needing to turn this day around, I went for a walk in the beautiful summer weather. 75 and sunny with a great cool breeze. Ashley and I passed a cupcake shop called cupcake Valencia on Carrer de Colon which instantly reminded us of home. We stopped in where I ordered a cookies and cream cupcake and a soy green chai tea.

Spanish Cupcakes!

The sight of this all American food already made my mood lift and a smile spread across my face. I took a bite and felt some of the anxiety drift away (I know I sound like a fatass here but sometimes food really does solve all your problems!)

The fatty loving on her cupcake

The end of the cupcake left me with a sweet surprise.. An Oreo wedged at the bottom. A thought popped into my head which was, in life you have good days and bad, you can’t feel incredibly happy all the time for your whole life, (why would you want to anyway? The bad times make the good ones feel that much sweeter) but when your not feeling on top of the world, there is always something amazing waiting for you around the corner that will make it all worthwhile. This time, mine just happened to be an oreo cookie wedged at the bottom of a cupcake and 2 days in a great Spanish city with an incredible friend.

Cookie Surprise

The incredible friend I was talking about

Oh did I mention we also got frozen yogurt about 30min after devouring cupcakes?

More Happy Food

Best Day Ever!


One Response to “A Thought From Valencia, Spain”

  1. MC September 20, 2015 at 2:38 pm #

    If you come to Valencia I don´t recommend cupcakes Valencia in calle Colón, they did´t give the 8$ change to my 12 yr old daughter because she went by herself. A very bad first going out experience…

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