Birthday Celebration Rabat Style

26 May

I went to Rabat with zero expectations. We only had this planned as a stop over on our way to tangier to catch the ferry to Spain so we didn’t have to take the overnight train from marrakech. Finding our hotel in the heart of the busy medina was an experience in itself, but bumping into a random guide was what made our short time in Rabat so memorable.

Birthday train ride

Seeing our blank faces staring at every crossroad in the medina, a nice Moroccan man named Simo came to our rescue and not only led us to our hotel but carried our bags for us as well! His nearly perfect English guided us through Rabat for the next 4 hours showing us picturesque views of the sea, roman and Arab ruins from the 13 century as well as a beautiful mausoleum made for a Moroccan king. The ruins were my favorite part of Rabat because of the history that was made there…

Ancient Mosque

After touring the ancient ruins, Simo brought us for a walk around town where we saw gorgeous views of the beach and stopped at a cafe that was situated on a hillside overlooking the sea. The views were great but the mint tea really made us feel like we were in Morocco, the cookies weren’t a bad either!

View from the outdoor cafe


The only thing memorable about my 23rd Birthday dinner later that night however, was the stomach ache it left behind… but at least the restaurant was gorgeous!

My post birthday breakfast made up for the less than edible dinner with fresh crepes, homemade jam, omelettes and hand squeezed orange juice most likely from a tree right outside our Riad..

Best part of our day… breakfast Moroccan style

Lobby of our riad

While Rabat was not the main destination on our trip.. It felt more authentic than marrakech and the company we met along the way made it so worthwhile.. Thanks for the birthday flowers and mint tea Simo! You made our stay in Rabat so carefree.. See you soon!

Mint tea and birthday cookies at a cafe overlooking the water.. priceless

With Simo and the roses he bought me for my birthday


Until next time, Ciao!


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