Day Trip to Oureka Valley, Morocco

21 May

The highlight of my trip to Morocco was a day of hiking in the valley of Oureka (also spelt Ourika), an hour and a half outside of Marrakech. Oureka Valley is home to 5 amazing waterfalls in the Atlas Mountains only an hour and a half hike from the road, see awesome photos below:

Local Market we stopped at on the way to the Valley

Walking through the market before our hike

Going over one of the many sketchy bridges made out of god knows what

The trek isn’t too strenuous but it’s still a workout and requires a little bit of courage to hike along the thin trails of the mountainside that may or may not be up to legal standards…

Legal? Who knows


How they keep their drinks cold.. using the ice cold water from the mountains!

The water is ice cold all year long and is the perfect anecdote to the blazing summer heat of Marrakech at a steamy 104 degrees

Amazing view of the mountains

More waterfalls!

Taking a private car service from Marrakech was only 500 dirham making the trip a great deal.. The guide to take you along the trail will cost about 100 dirham a person. Talk about a bargain!

Our awesome tour guide who carried all our shit for us when we got tired


I highly recommend going here for the day… it was great to be out of the heat of Marrakech and stopping by the local markets was  great experience. Its nice to see how the locals REALLY live which is hard to find in Marrakech where so many people work in tourism.

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