Camels, Cous Cous, and Courage

18 May

Let me just put it out there that I am not a racist or a scaredy cat, but I’d be lying if I told you that thoughts of getting kidnapped and sold into slavery as soon as I stepped foot In Africa didn’t run through my head. I blame these thoughts on my mom who repeatedly told me that in Africa, blonde hair = getting kidnapped. Thanks for the nightmares Ma! Anyway, I am alive and well and have met some of the nicest and most hospitable people during my visit to Morocco. The line I have heard the most here from taxi drivers, to waiters to just strangers on the train is “you are welcome in Morocco!”


Day one started off meeting a driver named Brahim who took us around for the entire day and showed us all the great places. Our camel ride through the Palmerie ( some palm trees were as much as three CENTURIES old) was nothing short of amazing.


More Camels!

The best part of the day however was definitely our two hour retreat in a beautiful morrocan Hammam. I decided to go with the traditional package which included a black salt scrub, mud mask and one hour massage. Here’s how the process went:

Ashley and I changed into our bikini bottoms and robes and were escorted to a private sauna room that was made completely of granite from ceiling to floor. We laid down on the plastic cushions and were instantly splashed with hot buckets of water from ladies rattling off god knows what in French. After my lightning fast drenching, she slathered some black salt scrub all over me and let us sit in the heat to get all loosened up. She came back in with a coarse glove and scrubbed embarrassing amounts of dead skin off my entire body. ( I say ENTIRE body here because yes, we were topless and no, they did not find it weird giving you a boob massage without as much as a “nice to meet you”). Ashley and I brought our friendship to the next level at this point in the process.. This was me: “Hey Ash we are really good friends now huh? Being topless is a pretty big thing for us Americans”, Ashley:  “sorry but you’re actually not the first girl I’ve gone topless for”. Thanks Ash! Love ya!


Entrance to Heaven

After the scrub she rubbed me down with a thick layer of Moroccan mud, face and all. Another 10 minutes of sauna time and we were off to the refreshingly cold showers. The lady then wrapped my hair in a towel turban and brought us to the Lounge area for some fresh mint tea and ice cold water. That mint tea has changed my tea standards for life.. Never again will I be able to sip on a brewed bag of Lipton and be happy about it. damn you morocco!

After my one hour massage I’d be come so accustomed to random women massaging my chest and seeing me nude that I had no problem with the no towel routine while lying on the table ( thinking back on my American spa experiences I couldn’t help but think ” god we ARE prude!”

Put the kid down and get a massage lady!

Next we were brought down for some cookies and more tea in yet another gorgeous and cozy lounge area. We wanted to head out to the market so we couldn’t enjoy the pool but this was by far the best Hammam experience I girl could ask for. Oh and did I mention that our 2 hour spa sesh came out to 50 US dollars? We lived like kings I tell you!

Back at the hotel later that night I found myself unable to stop touching my amazing new layer of skin, the softest I’ve ever felt it, ” Ashley I literally can’t stop petting  myself. It just feels so nice”. Ashley: ” tell me about it girl I’ve been rubbing myself all night.”

My Hammam experience was definitely memorable and nothing like I read on a few travel blogs I skimmed before I left… Note to fellow travelers: if they give you a clitoris massage ( as i read on one travel blog, hence some trepidations I had before entering the spa) or touch your hoo ha in any way you’ve been duped. And molested. Not okay. Note number 2: to book Brahim for your next trip to Marrakech e-mail me! I have his phone number and would love to share..

Until next time, peace and love!



One Response to “Camels, Cous Cous, and Courage”

  1. Elena May 18, 2012 at 11:44 pm #

    Loved it! Agree! That Hammam is HEAVEN! : )

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