Florence’s “Notte Bianca”

3 May

In honor of something that I have no idea about, every year the city of Florence throws a huge party/festival called Notte Bianca, or “white night”. On this night, almost everything stays open until 7am (even museums!), and there are concerts (though not good concerts) in EVERY piazza across Florence! How cool is that? I unfortunately did not capture many pics of the insane crowds – think tens of thousands of people flooding the streets- but I did get an awesome pic of the aftermath of the party taken at 6:45am:

ImageThere was a rumor around town that there was going to be free breakfast in Palazzo Vecchio at 6am which is why we stayed up so late… damn rumors!

Here is a pic of my friend Ashley and I outside a bar in Piazza del Duomo, you can kind of see the crowds in the background:


Sorry for the lack of cool images… note to self: take more pics.


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