A Typical Day in the Life of a (wannabe?) Florentine

28 Apr

After two miserable weeks of rain in Florence, spring has finally arrived! I don’t know if 85 and sunny counts as spring but since the calendar says its still April i’m sticking to it. Florence in the rain isn’t too exciting since most of the fun things are outside (no, I don’t consider spending 5 hours in the Uffizi looking at a million paintings titled “Madonna e Bambino” fun) but below are photos of things I do consider fun and maybe even necessary for human survival on planet Earth…

7:55am: Waking up to a view of the arno and a palm tree.. this qualifies as priceless


9am: Starting the day off with a cappuccino ensures that more great things are yet to come, coffees from the Gucci Museum tend to be on the pricey side but whats more Italian than Gucci?


9:30am: Riding your bike to work or school is pretty typical in these parts but since I am not cool enough (or brave enough) to ride a bike in Florence I just stick to walking (so 2011 of me)


This view however, is worth the slower pace…


12pm: Attending class at Florence University of the Arts. Yes that is a glass of wine next to my notebook and yes my notes do consist of detailed directions on the correct way to open up a bottle of wine


2pm: Lunch time! Eating the best pizza (Gusta Pizza!) ever made that also happens to be shaped like a heart… amazing? Yes. Yes it is.


3pm: The best gelato place ever ( La Carraia) happens to be very close to Gusta Pizza which means I get to calmly eat (aka devour) a post-lunch snack


3:07pm: This is when I usually meet up with friends who look like this…


To do things that look like this… (the only way to tan in Florence since the only patch of grass available belongs to a very thrifty pigeon)


5pm: Since the activities of the day leave me quite exhausted I may decide to take a mid-day nap but if I am feeling chipper I will boost my energy level with another coffee…Image

at a trendy cafe with friends.. (pictured below is Brac Cafe, pictured above is a cappuccino from there but please note that I would never drink a cappuccino past 12pm because it is frowned upon by Italians and I don’t want to disappoint them since I am desperately trying to gain access into their exclusive club)


6pm: At this time I will walk home to make dinner and devote some time to homework (when I say homework I mean check Facebook obsessively for 2 hours), pictured below is me walking home through the infamous Piazza della Signoria


7:35pm: During dinner I will usually drink wine from a Tuscan vineyard like this one…


7:43pm: One can never drink a glass of wine without munching on some locally crafted cheese so I may decide to run downstairs to pick one up from a variety like this…


12am: This is my normal bedtime after catching up on all my trashy reality TV shows from the States (think Million Dollar Decorators, Its a Brad Brad World, the entire Real Housewives series). The photo below is the desk in my room which also doubles as a TV stand (my TV being my computer of course.. Italians don’t appreciate the science of flat screens and DVR)


Buonanotte amici! (Goodnight friends!)


One Response to “A Typical Day in the Life of a (wannabe?) Florentine”

  1. Jenny April 28, 2012 at 7:47 pm #

    I would give anything for that pizza!!!

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